Monday, July 9, 2012

Happenings – Whats and Whens

I don’t have a whole lot that’s new at the moment. I’m still in my book learnin’ mode, where I’m trying to get a handle on some of the things I can be doing to improve the how behind my what.

Thanks to Deborah Walker I’ve found a great new resource for the arsenal in On Writing Horror. This is a handbook for the horror writer (or wannabe horror writer) with dozens of essays on the craft from the industries’ best. It’s put out by the Horror Writer’s Association (HWA) and I’m frankly inspired by it. What I like most about it, and what makes it worthy of inclusion with my other favourites, is that it makes no promises. It’s not a “how to”. It has some “how not to”, but it stresses that this thing we do is work. All it promises is to show you the dark hallways and doors that you will need to walk down. You have to do the walking. (Plus – with the ‘required reading’ suggestions found within, I’ve got my summer reading list STACKED now.)

Okay – on to some news:

11 days left to enter my Goodreads giveaway. I’ve got two signed paperback copies on offer! From the cool little widget that Goodreads gave me, it looks like we’re closing in on 200 interested readers – which is amazing!

If you have read “Gathering Darkness”, first off – thank you! Secondly, if you’ve got a moment to drop a brief review or “like” on the Amazon/Kobo/iTunes site of your choice, I would be extremely grateful.

Timing is everything. On Friday the 13th, Erin Cole is having me over to her blog for an interview. ON FRIDAY THE FREAKIN’ 13th!! She asked some great questions, and I’m really looking forward to it. Check it out at her site (and bookmark it, too – Erin’s a fantastic writer, and has links to dozens of stories around the web.)

Enough about me – John Xero , a writer with a wicked wit, and stellar story skills, is celebrating two years of blogging goodness at his site. Two of my femmes-fatale-faves, R.S. Bohn, and Lily Childs have stories featured, in addition to seven other amazing examples of flash fiction.
Jack is Writing – a collection of short fiction from UK author Shaun Adams hit #18 on the Amazon Kindle list over the weekend. See what you’ve been missing!

David Barber – erstwhile editor of The Flash Fiction Offensive, creator of the hilarious “Two Blokes” series, and a hell of a noir/horror writer has a new collection out as well – check out “From A Crowded Mind!”

And that’s everything for the moment.

Keep writing!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book, Chris. I'm slowly working my way through it. There's a lot to think about.

    1. Absolutely, Deborah. I'm liking it so much I just bought a copy. The essays each bring something different, and each has had something that resonates with me. Most of all, it makes me want to write!