Monday, August 27, 2012

Hey... What's Up?

So, did I mention I recently published a...

Nah. Just kidding.

Time out.

In the past little while I've somehow crossed over into that saturation point, where I've been more about promotion than anything else. I can tell, because I'm starting to annoy myself. (And I have a HIGH threshold for self-annoyance.)

I'm not giving up trying to get book sales, but there is a distinct lack of balance happening, and I want that back. Also - many thanks are in order for those superb individuals who took time to send a review my way.

Excited as I am by my recent venture, I'm also aware that doing the rounds of promotion, and striving ever to come up with the next way to increase sales, that I've not been around visiting my friends' sites, or being quite as neighbourly as I could be.

The other thing that's been lagging has been the actual writing and that's just not good. For the past 6 six weeks, I've been involved in a writer's shootout, that has produced three new 5,000 word pieces, but for each of these, I've taken the following week off, and I'm nowhere near where I wanted to be with my novel at this time.  I ...

Wait a second, I'm doing it again. Me, me, me.

How about you? What's going on out there?

Do me a favour - let me know what you've been up to in the comments below, and I'll spend some Twitterbook-ing time trying to throw a little buzz your way.

Keep writing!


  1. The review from B & N over to the right here is hilarious. Love it.

    Pah, buzz. Keep the buzz away from me. I've been engaged in a project less of the meta and more of the physical -- B has decided to lose a significant amount of weight, and the best way to help your partner with that is to join in the journey. It's been a lifestyle change that's huge, and it's been going on for most of the summer, but really ramped up recently, so I have lacked the time and especially the energy to write.

    It's weird. It's a hiatus that I didn't plan, but I'm enjoying it. Will two hours hiking in the woods get my writing career flying? Nah, but it's okay.

    Plus B is looking reaaaally fine. :)

    So your 15,000 words in the shootout is looking stellar, my friend.

  2. This promotion thing is a bit of an art, I think. So many bloggers I follow are stressing about how much is too much.
    I wouldn't complain about your 15,000 words, Chris. I haven't written a blessed thing since the novel marathon in July. So, as R.S. says, stellar!
    I have to buy your book, by the way. Thanks for the reminder. See? It's never too much!

  3. Becky - thanks for the comment... except now I'm looking at my dusty treadmill and my deeply notched belt and feeling like there may be work to be done there as well!

    Cathy- If you did 15,000 in July, I'd say you can still call it "cooling off" and then hit the editing hard next month!

  4. Cathy - missed saying "thanks" for your impending purchase! (If you have Toronto plans in the next month, I might be able to hook you up with a signed paperback...)

  5. Don't be too tough on yourself, Chris. I think we all struggle with the balance between self-promotion and writing. But I think you've got your priorities right - writing needs to come first!