Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stories in / Stories out

Haven't updated in a bit, so briefly:

Lots going on "in the real" at the moment, and many things are draining time/energy/creativity, but such things do resolve, and there will be a way through.

"So smile, you morose bastard"
                                    ~ sincerely,

Good - that's dealt with. Now - two things:

1) I'm putting out the call for a reader. I need someone to be ruthless with a short story that is going into my upcoming short story collection as a previously unpublished "bonus" story. I'm having some pretty good success going back and putting a few new doorknobs and picture frames on my previously published stories, but I'm hitting a wall on this new one. It's about 5k. If you're interested, leave a comment below, or you can hit the "contact me" form at the right. (thank you!)

2) We're about 4 weeks away from the submission deadline for Nine Days of Madness. The inbox is a little quiet at the moment, but I'm hoping the next few weeks will bring a deluge of stories in the key of "unsettling" to my door. Submission details here. Get crazy!

That's about it for now. My apologies if I haven't been around to visit everyone recently - again, hoping to get back around soon.

"You're doing it again"