Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Procrastination: It's what's for dinner. Or breakfast.

I took a "small break" from writing after wrapping up my participation in a recent "Shootout" competition, and have been having the hardest time getting back into the discipline of writing.

Here's the quick bullet points about shootouts, for those who've never heard of one - keeping in mind this is just how the ones I've been in go:

  • 2-3 teams of writers, usually no more than 5 to a team
  • a prompt is released at the start of the week
  • every writer has the whole week to write a story on that prompt
  • the following week, each team receives the 5 stories from another team, with the names removed (this is to remove gamesmanship from the thing and focus on the stories)
  • stories are reviewed and 'scored' out of 10
  • the following week, a new prompt is released
  • at the end of 3 rounds, the highest cumulative score from each team goes on to the "finals"
  • the final round is also one week, and one new prompt
  • stories are usually a minimum of 2,500 - 3,000 words
This last time, which was my fourth shootout, I made it to the final round, which was awesome.

The upshot of all of this is that, in the course of 8 weeks, I did four stories, and about 40-50 pages of material. (My final 'short' story was 21 pages long.) Unfortunately, that was also back in April. 

Since then - nothing. I can't seem to get back into it.

There's been some real-life things that have taken up some time, but not all of it. There's been enough moments that I've said to myself, "See, I should be writing right now," that I could've been. 

As of now, I'm starting to get a little 'tappy-tappy' back as I think there's only 3 more days left to shape up on of those 4 stories for an anthology I want to submit to, but the allure of passive entertainment is strong right now.

So - my question to you - do you ever go through patches like this, and how do you get going again?