Thursday, July 11, 2013

Of delays and The Temporal Element Anthology

Wow - just looking at my latest posts - all two of them in two months, and that's counting the picture of a

So what's up with that? Call it summer slowdown, or personal stagnation, but there's just not been that much going on. I'm dealing with a serious lack of motivation right now, and haven't written almost anything recently.

There's an anthology deadline coming up that looks good, and having a time limit usually helps spur things on, and barring that, a new Shootout is starting in August, and I usually end up with a few good pieces from those - but mostly, it's just making the choice to put ass in seat and get going.

Speaking of the shootout - the convener for that particular event, Martin Ingham, interviewed me awhile ago to promote the "Temporal Element" anthology, which features my story, "There's an App for That".

Check it out if you get a moment!

Good luck on all your own paper-fillin'!