Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting Personal

I read a great post awhile back from author Matt Hilton, wondering whether or not blogs were "done".

Looking at the previous post date here, I'm wondering the same thing. Not whether or not I'll keep the blog going - that's no question - I like it here at The Leaky Pencil, and I'm not going to give it up. However, I may change things up a little bit.

Again, as I take a quick retrospective of my doings on this site, it seems like I'm always doing one of about six things:

1) Pimping a new story that's up somewhere.
2) Pimping a story that's going to be up somewhere.
3) Pimping my book.
4) Posting the odd story. And pimping it.
5) Telling other people how to write.
6) Lamenting that I'm not writing more.

That's a lot of pimping - and very little else. And I'm not that happy about it.

The exception, and a wonderful one it is, has been the "Days of Madness" festivals. Without hyperbole, the past two iterations of the Madness in March have been the most fun I've had with this blog, and I'm really hoping this year's version is every bit as fulfilling for everyone involved. By the way... *ahem*


*okay... done*

But I'm also wondering if it will be the same because, as Mr. Hilton points out, and supported by my own observations, people just aren't visiting blogs as much, and conversely, people aren't blogging that much either.

"When are you going to stop being boring?"
So the fate of the Pencil is this: I'm going to do "this". The blog will be more about my own thoughts and experiences as they come. Because I'm still putting pen to paper (and these days, that's the only way I can actually get writing done) I'll have things to say about writing, but maybe there'll be a post about my favourite movies, books, or whatever happens to be going on in the world. If I have a story to share, or a new publication, I'll still talk about it, because supporting the people that like your stories is simply the right thing to do. But hopefully there'll be different reasons to check in.

Also - the frequency may drop off a bit. Between blogging / facebook-ing and writing, I've been getting the free-time priorities a little skewed, so there needs must be a correction.

Thanks to all of you for reading, for visiting, and I hope each and every one of you checks back in for 10 Days of Madness!