Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Days of Madness 4: Now open for submissions.

It's back.

I am proud to announce that "Days of Madness 4 - Hidden Horrors" is open for submissions.

One of the highlights of every year for the past three years has been the "Days of Madness" event. It's a wonderful 10-day festival of flash fiction, during which I have met some really cool and gifted  authors who have offered up their hard work for the enjoyment of others. It's also produced three eBooks that have been pretty well reviewed.

So, without further delay - here we go!

As of now, I am accepting submissions for this year's "Days of Madness" event. One major difference this time around is that I'm not incrementing the days anymore. We hit 10 last year - that's just at the outside edge of manageable so, this year, the almost two-week run of stories will be called, "Days of Madness 4" (or DOM 4, as illustrated in that nifty graphic up there.)

What I am looking for:

Original stories, 1,000-1,500 words in length. (Stories that have seen limited publication may be okay, let me know in the submission - but if a decision comes down to one story or another making it, the original story will get it.

Theme: Hidden Horrors. While the overall theme of "Days of Madness" is, and always will be, psychological horror stories, this year, I'm looking for secrets and mysteries. This is open to broad interpretation - it could be the discovery of a sanity-challenging secret world beyond our own normal perception, or it could be the private reason that Norman is so stabby. One thing I will mention is that, in three years of Days of Madness, there've been a number of "I'm so normal, normal, normal - and now, SURPRISE, serial killer", so try to cast your creative nets a little further. Same content restrictions as the past events apply, i.e. no pedophilia, rape, incest, bestiality, etc. Scenes of torture may also be a hard sell. Anything else is fair game, but excessive sex / violence of any kind had better be intrinsic to the plot.

Payment: Sadly, none. I tried making last year's event a money making affair, but it didn't get much traction. As in the past, once the event is done, all stories will be compiled into an eBook and listed via Smashwords as a free download. Other editions in the series have done quite well, with 8 Days of Madness at 665 downloads, and 9 Days of Madness around 400. These editions have also been well reviewed on Barnes & Noble and Goodreads, so the authors involved HAVE received some real exposure. Finally - each year the participating authors will receive a "limited edition" author's copy of the eBook that will not be made commercially available.

Deadline: The event will run in the middle of March (exact start date TBD). Deadline for all submissions is February 28, 2014.

Submit all stories in the body of an email, along with a 3-4 sentence bio and a brief note of introduction to: 8(dot)mad(dot)days(at)

Looking forward to the madness!


  1. Chris ~ I believe I would sure like to get Mad with you.

    Shall be slip-sliding under your door, good MadMaster sir.
    ~ Absolutely*Kate

  2. As dear old Mr. N. Bates of Room #1 once opined, my dear *Kate:

    "We all go a little mad sometimes."

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    1. Nothin' like a good opiner -- beats a whiner and holds a high Madness to Alfred E Neuman as well.

      For you, I'll let go of those flimsy things called ... 'bounds'.
      Weekend well, Fella. ~ A*K