Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Days of Madness: Curtains down and thank you.

Ten days have come and gone and, without doing disservice to the amazing stories we've had in the past, I truly believe that this year's event was one of the best.

From the fantastic stories from so many talented authors, to the stellar and supremely complimentary imagery everything came together to provide a boatload of entertainment.

I'm keeping this on the brief side as, if you've read this far, you've already been incredibly gracious with your attention.

So - what's next? The stories will stay up until Days of Madness 4 is available in bookstores, at which point, you'll need to download a copy to revisit these fantastic stories (in a nice collected epub or mobi - so there's that.)

Some final thank you's -

To the writers - for sharing your amazing work with me and with everyone else. It may have been "for the love" but I hope the party that sprung up around here showed just how much love you all deserve.

To Niall - I wasn't sure how adding pictures to the stories this year would work, but damn, did it ever. You've gained yourself at least one new fan (and quite a few more in all probability!) Keep drawing, sir.

To the readers - thanks for visiting folks. I wouldn't do this if the stories didn't get read.

To the boosters - you kind folks who spread the word about Days of Madness and helped direct people here. All the writers did their part, but I don't think anyone would think it out of place to say an extra-special, super-duper, over-the-top-crazy-smiling THANK YOU to Absolutely*Kate - who marketed her rear off to help bring all these stories the attention they deserve, and made this a Days of Madness to remember.

Until next time folks - the asylum is closed.

(But not this blog ... seriously, come back some time, I say interesting things now and then. Promise.)


  1. Thanks for having us and putting it all together - I know it is a lot of work. It was definitely a hit this year and I enjoyed everyone's take on the theme. Thanks to Niall too. Each drawing was spectacular.

  2. Chris, I so enjoy the mad days you put on. It's a great community event! Appreciate it and thank you! And yes, the art work was an especially tasty addition this year, thank you Niall.