Thursday, April 10, 2014

Days of Madness 4: On your E-reader NOW.

Available Now!
We've come full circle on another year of the Days of Madness, that means that the stories have been taken down from this blog, but it also means that you can now experience the entire series at your leisure on your favourite E-Book app, or E-Reader.

Once again, the book has been published through Smashwords. I often hear criticisms about this format, in that the actual bookstore on that site is rather clunky and unwieldy. However, I have yet to find a better, more publisher friendly platform, that comes with ready distribution to Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble the Libraries of California, and Australia's Diesel books - as a one stop shop.

The only difference you'll find this year is that I've also posted a separate edition on Kobo (if you're an epub user like me) - as I find that Kobo's Writing Life pushes the book listing a little better than the Smashwords titles it makes available.

Here's the link to get this year's stories by Angel Zapata, Erin Cole, Park Cooper & Barb Lien, Ben Sobieck, William Davoll, Mav Skye, R.S. Bohn, Richard Godwin, and myself - all illustrated by the amazing Niall Parkinson.

(And I have to say - having proofed the ebooks - Niall's illustrations look just as fantastic, maybe even better, when they pop up as a full page on your Kindle.)