At the Normal Cafe

At the Normal Cafe is a serial in seven parts, hosted at Thrillers, Killers n' Chillers.

It is the story of a single terrifying event, witnessed by a small number of people.  Each installment is told from the point of view of a different character, and tells their own story before coming to their own part in the events of that one tragic evening.

Part 1 - Mosquito
Meet Tom.  He's waiting for a phone call.  For everyone else's sake, it had better ring.

Part 2 - Victims
Dwayne never got along with his mother-in-law Mavis when she was alive.  When she dies, and he's made the executor of her estate, he must come to grips with Mavis' final secret. It's enough to drive a man to drink.

Part 3- Abnormal Psychology
Bev is just your regular ordinary diner waitress, except that she knows more about you than you think.  A word to the wise; skip the coffee.

Part 4 - Heroes
Dawn is having another bad day in a long series of bad days.  Will she seize a startling chance for redemption, or be pulled under by her demons once and for all?

Part 5 - Paying What is Owed
Lenny really wishes the Cubs had won.  Now he owes a bunch of money and he's laying low at the Normal Cafe; but will that turn out to be an even worse gamble? 

Part 6 - Witnesses
Krista and Michael are two young university kids in love, with everything going for them - at least at first glance.  What they see at the Normal Cafe will change them forever.

Part 7 - Closing Time
The enigmatic Judith is on her way to the Normal Cafe.  Will she be able to reach out to Tom, or
will interfering in the police's business have deadly consequences?


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  1. ATNC was my favourite serialised story of the year, without doubt.