Blog-exclusive Stories


From time to time, I've published my stories here on "The Leaky Pencil", rather than elsewhere on the web.  There's a few reasons for this, but the biggest is simple.  You've taken the time to visit this site, and now, here you are exploring a page within my site.  That deserves recognition - and, I hope, some entertainment value!  Below are links that will take you to the postings I've done since this site got started last year that have stories to read.  Also, if you haven't noticed, I've added streaming music to the main page that will play as long as you're on this site.  The playlist is a bunch of particular favourites that put me in a writing mood.

Happy Reading.


Saying Goodbye - a short poem/story about love and death

The Old Mill - part of Barry J. Northern's fantastic "Inter-blog" Choose Your Own Adventure event.  This picks up where  Laurita Miller left off.

Personal Ads After the Zombie Apocalypse - this has seen print, on MicroHorror, but you can read it here too.

Postage Due, Pandora (TEASER) - from the main page, you can read the full length story that this little snippet from Lily Childs' Friday Prediction is a "promo" for.

Sisters - this little story about siblings and spiders is probably the longest story here that isn't a series.

Last Call - I heard an old song on the radio, that immediately put me back in the awkward early twenties.  Here's a poem about that.

Monster - the first in a series of Halloween "Cards" for 2010.  I hung onto this story for a year before deciding to post it here.  It still scares me a little.

Boo - Halloween Card #2.  I end up writing a lot of horror from kids' perspective.  Still not sure why, but I do know I almost never include grown-ups in these stories, it would make things weird.