Days of Madness

the Days of Madness Anthology Series

(Various Authors)

The Days of Madness Anthologies began with the idea of a "short story party". Authors submitted works of flash-fiction-to-short-story length on a theme, and they would be published at the rate of one per day, which allowed each author to have their own spotlight. They would also be given the chance to engage their readers personally in the comments section.

At the end of this event, the stories that had been featured needed a place to go, to live on past their ephemeral appearance on a blog page. As such, the first "Days of Madness" Anthology was born.

The event was so successful that it ran for the next three years, each time gathering outstanding short (and short-short) stories, all centered around the themes of psychological horror, and the kind of extravagant, cartoony 'madness' that characterizes such popular characters as Renfield and Leatherface, while at the same time trying to avoid stigmatizing real-world disorders.

That preamble aside, I encourage you to download any (or all) of the anthologies and experience these stories for yourself. Because the stories were freely offered at the time, the anthologies are also offered free of charge.

However, if you happen across an author that you like, please do look them up at the links below - most of these talented people have written a ton of excellent fiction, and many have novels they'd love you to look at.


8 Days of Madness

The one that started it all. Features gut-punch family anguish, serial killers with knowing smiles, and friendships pushed to the brink - for a start.

Authors featured:

9 Days of Madness - Things Unsettled

In the second year of the event/anthology, the theme was "unsettling", and the authors brought their creepiest tales to bear.

Authors featured:

Amber Taitague 
Richard Godwin
Mav Skye (writing under pseudonym)
Benjamin Sobieck
Marissa Giambelluca
R.S. Bohn
S.K. Adams
Christopher Grant
Laurita Miller
Erin Cole

Download 9 Days of Madness for free here.

10 Days of Madness: Frantic Flash Fiction

The format changed with the third annual "Days of Madness" festival. This time around, we were celebrating "frenetic flash fiction", and publishing up to two stories per contributor. This is  a great, fast, freaky ride!
Authors featured:

Days of Madness 4 - Bigger, badder, and illustrated!

The final volume of Days of Madness went back to short story length fiction, with a twist. Each of the tales in this collection were illustrated by Niall Parkinson, whose skill with pen and ink gave a visual voice to the horrors within. 

Authors featured:

Download Days of Madness 4 for free here.

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