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Static Movement presents "Flash!", a collection of short-short fiction from dozens of talented writers, including Paul D. Brazil, Lee Hughes, Laura Eno, Col Bury, Gregory Miller. Features my stories, "A Dream of Peonies" and "Something Different"
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Pill Hill Press presents "Haunted" - an Anthology of Haunted Places.
Featuring stories by: Chris Allinotte, Emma Kathryn, Matt Nord, Shane McKenzie, Jason Barney, and more! Features my story "The Cabin Sleeps"
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Elements of Horror is an Anthology of realistic horror (no supernatural allowed) tales.  Each story is based on one of the four elements, Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Stories include works by Laurita Miller, Jessy Marie Roberts, Paula Ray, and more. Features my stories, "Love and Arson", "Air in the Line", "Earthworks", and "Down for the Third Time" Order on Lulu here.

Aurora Wolf Press presents "Novus Creatura". This anthology of never-before seen creatures will be sure to thrill and terrify! Includes stories by Sean Monaghan, Greg Miller, Tk Turner, and more. Features my story, "Fear Combined". Order on Amazon here. Or - get it on Smashwords now as an E-Book. Click here to get it. Enter Coupon Code SC34D for $2 off!!

Static Movement presents "Yarns for our Youth", a collection of stories for children and young adults.  Featuring stories by Jessy Marie Roberts, Jason Barney, John (JAM) Arthur Miller, Chris Bartholemew, and more.  Includes my story, "Nestor and the Cave Goblin."

Wicked East Press presents "A Cup of Joe". A collection of genre spanning Flash Fiction. Stories include work by Stephen Hill, Paul D. Brazil, Matt Nord, and more. Includes my story "Induction Week".

Pill Hill Press presents "Daily Flash" 365 Days of Flash Fiction.  Who isn't in this one? With 365 stories - this is one to buy!  Includes my stories, "Not a Dove" and "In the Kingdom of Ephemera"

Static Movement presents "Ghosts and Demons", an anthology about ... ghosts ... and demons ...
Featuring  stories by Greg Miller, Emma Kathryn, William Wood and more Includes my story, "Kittens for Sale". 

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31 Days of Halloween Horror

Features my story "The Sins of the Past".

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Static Movement presents "Unquiet Earth". Features three of my stories:

  • In a Little Undead House
  • Upping the Ante
  • The Bones of Contention
In addition, some of the coolest, most original zombie flash stories you'll read this year. Speaking from experience. I've been through the book already, and loved it.

(Also neat - I "won" the contest held by SM to choose the title and write the back blurb. This book has my name all over it.)